Less Game Features, More fun.

For those who are busy playing Fortnite or some other video game, they will never realize that the real classic are still kicking in this generation. Although they have a few features in the game but they are still more fun to play than the games of this generation. The lower In Game features meansContinue reading “Less Game Features, More fun.”

Does Serial Killers Possess Animalistic Characteristics?

One thing is for sure, serial killers are those unhinged assassins who are mainly driven by their false psychological beliefs and a frustrated memory lane. Have you ever noticed that some killers often continue to stab the victim even though he is dead? Or have you ever noticed that his aggression goes further to theContinue reading “Does Serial Killers Possess Animalistic Characteristics?”

No Respect for the Voiceless

I’ve always described the human beings as the most obnoxious animal of them all apart from being the social animal. A Social animal which has no respect for the other animals. Yes, I’m talking about the creatures who are voiceless, who cannot communicate like the humans do. The world continues to dominate through technological advancementsContinue reading “No Respect for the Voiceless”

The Generation of the Forgotten

So many people speak of the modern generation as the generation of advancements and improvements, the generation of bringing people together in the technological way and helping the humanity evolve furthermore. In my mind, it is just the generation of the damned where there is no morality or spirituality existing in all of us. Somehow,Continue reading “The Generation of the Forgotten”

How Laughing Therapy Can Help Escape Depression?

Depression is of course a really disturbing mental disorder which derails us from our daily life, it causes us to be stuck in the same worries and problems that have frozen our minds in one place and we cannot even get our brains out of there for a while. It hampers our mind in aContinue reading “How Laughing Therapy Can Help Escape Depression?”

Darker Thoughts In All Of Us

There can be no human being in the world who does not possess the darker thoughts in their minds. It’s a fact, all of us carry some darker secrets and temptations in our minds and in our hearts as well. These thoughts drives us out of the reality of this world and sometimes brings usContinue reading “Darker Thoughts In All Of Us”

Gangstas: The Theory Behind the Hipster Criminals

You got that right yo, the gangsters has emerged as the prevalent form criminals around the world. As you can see, the modern day criminal are not just the dominant offenders but also the most hippest criminals in the societies around the world. They are typically called gangsters but I prefer them as hipster criminalsContinue reading “Gangstas: The Theory Behind the Hipster Criminals”

Snake Eyes: A Really Good Origin Story of G.I Joe Icon.

Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins is out now on theatres as well as Amazon Prime on demand. I’ve previously watched G.I Joe movies in the past and I was really excited to see the origin story of one of the most incredible characters of the G.I Joe Universe. The Movie tells the story of SnakeContinue reading “Snake Eyes: A Really Good Origin Story of G.I Joe Icon.”

Neo Geo: Old But Not Obsolete

Today’s generation is the generation of advancements, which also includes advancements in video games such as more realistic graphics and multiplayer advantage. However, in this new age, the video games from the beloved 90s are still kicking in this generation, most notably the Neo Geo video games. It’s true, they might be simpler than theContinue reading “Neo Geo: Old But Not Obsolete”

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