Does Childhood Nightmares lead to Criminality? A Theory

Many of us can say that the childhood nightmares are something that child sees in his dreams. They can either be some kind of seemingly real depiction of a fictional being or the depressing events of the past experienced by the child. This would lead to the question that this theory Asks, Does this leads to criminality?

The chance of a man’s criminal turn is actually a case study. We all have known theories that revolve around a human’s cognitive ability and psychological behavior. It’s true that a theory suggest that when a child witnesses the events that involves a heinous acts, he or she begin to see it as a lesson learned from his or her parent.

At this point, it can possibly be true that a man embark on a life of crime because he feels that it’s the only way he can make his nightmares go away or feels that it might be leading him to some important purpose in his or her life, or sometimes to exact retribution for the nightmares he has suffered his whole life.

It’s not that sure that if a person’s childhood nightmares can be one of the possible reasons that he turn to crime, but can be a rare possibilities. The childhood nightmares are so emotional or stressing that it some times encourage the individual into taking a path where people fear you the most, which just involves a vicious or a homicidal path. Nightmares often pushes a man to overcome them by using illegitimate means.

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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