Malignant: Few of the Best Horrors in 2021

Malignant is out now in theatres and HBO Max. This could possible be one of the few horror movies which is proven to be at it’s best in 2021. It gives a new feel to the movie as it combines the twins with the enigmatic demon into one horrifying affair. The movie brings something fresh on the table.

The movie follows an experiment where they try to comprehend with a demonic twin, capable of trapping it’s identical sibling into an alternate reality and taking control of the whole body. It follows a woman named Madison, who is being suspecting for the dangerous murders in the city. Believed to be some parasite tied to her mother’s past, but it’s later revealed that it’s the demonic twin controlling her body to kill the people.

Unlike other movies that feature a human twin being more evil in personality, it instead features a twin who is both demonic and part of one body. You may think that it’s some kind of story of a woman suffering from dissociative identity disorder (Although it’s not the real story), this sure brings a fresh feel of an idea never utilized before.

The movie at first features some mild scenes but it brings in some bloody killing scenes ahead of the climax. It’s still a movie worth watching and of course one of the few Warner Bros. releases which turn out to be better than that mediocre Conjuring 3 I’ve watched earlier this year.

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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