A Different Birthday

A birthday, to many people, is all about celebrating the day a person was born. It sometimes sees festivities such as cutting a cake, opening up presents and having fun with their friends at his birthday party. But Sometimes, the exact doesn’t happen all the time, something different occurs in your birthday sometimes.

Sometimes, you forget the fact that you were supposed to cut a cake but unfortunately, it’s nor present. Sometimes your birthday would go on just with the birthday wishes from your friends and family. Sometimes your birthday might go down without celebration, which might look like a regular day.

In my opinion, Birthday is not just about cutting cake or throwing a party to your friends, it’s mostly about the day you were born. It’s about the appreciation of all the deeds and memories you’ve experienced in your life so far. Even if there are no such celebrations, that’s ok. Just be grateful for the memories and the age you had so far and be grateful for the moments that will occur later in your life.

I had a few birthdays like this one in my life, but I’ve never felt like it was ruined due to unfortunate circumstances. I’ve been appreciative of all the memories I had and all the good moments I had in my life and I’m grateful that I’ve reached a higher age of my life. There’s plenty of more to come in my life.

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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