Cry Macho: A Brilliant Drama To Watch

Cry Macho is out now in theatres and available on HBO Max. This movie is of course another drama spectacle of the legendary Clint Eastwood and his legendary 75 year career. It’s a piece of amusing and uplifting experience because it tells a story of an incredible journey of a retired rodeo and a street walking Latino boy.

The story begins with the legendary rodeo named Mike Milo, who has gone to Mexico to find his ex boss’s son Rafael and bring him to Texas. He eventually finds Rafael, who disagrees to come to Texas with him. After some conversation, they hit the road on a journey filled with the unexpected. They are hunted down by the enforcers of Rafael’s mother while they also meet some friendly neighbors along the way.

The story is pretty much compelling because it show’s a really good depiction of relationship between Mike and Rafael. The movie features a lot of story telling and a lot of twist such as Mike teaching Rafael the way of a good man and Rafael constantly protecting his pet chicken by calling him Macho (Spanish for strong- if you didn’t know).

The overall movie was really good to watch in it’s own right. It was an amazing drama movie I’ve watched in a decade and Clint Eastwood was in his best in this movie, proving that he’s still got it. These kind of movies are really fun to watch because they present drama, a unforgettable journey and incredible turn of events.

What do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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