The Architect of His Own Destruction

The world has seemingly begin to bring itself towards the oblivion. As the man keeps on taking and betraying the ones he know, he believe that there is nobody that can perish him from his existence. But this where he’s wrong. When you betray the ones who trusted you, you end up creating a hell of your own making that not even you can escape.

The Man sometimes keep on going ahead with his plans even when the others notice where this act is going to lead. But he does not seem to care about their opinion at all. Keeps up to the fact that he will thrive with his plans. Now this is where his downfall begins, as his architecture begins to collapse right in front of his eyes.

The greediness and hunger of power consumes him in a way that he is destroyed by himself. He does not have anyone to turn to because they all realize the moral state of his heart. They are only the enemies that were once the closest ones to him. He continues to lose everything until he is left with nothing but dust.

The world has begun to destroy itself this way. You put the blame on someone else for your demise while not knowing that the real architect of your downfall is actually you. The Man don’t look at the errors of his way and keeps on going, which in turn repays them with nothing but the utter damnation that he never hoped.

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4 thoughts on “The Architect of His Own Destruction

  1. I think you spoke very eloquently regarding my ex fiancée

    A man who won’t admit he’s wronged many. A man who’s only pushed people away his entire life due to his actions and behaviors.

    A man who’s thrown tantrums like a child, assaulted woman like it was a joke. Dismissed his actions through his greed and naivety

    Thank you for this suggested read. You she’s new hope and light for me today and i only thought before now I know. Hell most definitely face his damnation

    Liked by 1 person

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