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The First Step

Every journey, every mission, requires a first step in our lives. That is, when a person reaches the place that he intends to, he must have to take the first step towards his destiny. We all take a first step to something that we are about to be exposed to for the first time. Everything, almost everything requires the first step.

We might fear that if how our journey might go from here. Some people would often fear and would not prefer to take the first step. Some would even get scared without even taking the first step in our lives. They would be like no.. that’s not right.. I’m not sure about this and then would step back and don’t come back.

Is this how you’re going to have your first experience by just ignoring it for what it looks like ? Then that’s not how it works. Why fear taking the first step when you are going to begin something ? Why fear what the outcome will be ? This question cannot be answered unless a step towards it is taken. Fearing from the beginning doesn’t make any sense.

If you are willing to down any path in life or try a new trick or travel to a new place, you must never fear taking the first step as we have no idea what it might turn out to be. Whether it will promise a good fortune or you came a long way for nothing, of course we don’t know. So don’t fear about the outcome, it’s all about taking the first step first, the results second.

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Hello Guys. I'm writer ya'all. I write about current stuff, psychological and criminological theories, movie and TV series reviews and some good stories.

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