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Mark of a Superhero Lesson 2: Strong Sense of Justice

A Superhero is well known for the powers that he gains or the threats he faces. However, a superhero would fight for the cause of justice for all. Yes, his main motive is to serve justice to the people and to promote justice at every step. Thus, a superhero possesses an inherent sense of justice to protect the innocents.

Justice is an entity that is used t describe the just cause and atmosphere, where everything is fair and balanced. A Real hero seeks to restore balance and to work for the just cause to eliminate the actual threat and expose the real evil that seeks to destroy the balance in the society. Justice means to create balance in the society.

A hero would spread justice around the world and would even swear to never take any one’s life. Yes, another characteristic of justice is that the real threat should be punished, but not in a violent manner. Justice can be served by apprehending and restoring the enemy’s sanity rather than just killing them without any sense of retribution.

A Strong sense of justice means to recognize the real enemy and to find the real cause to his or her development. To protect the right people and to apprehend the real threat. Most importantly, to bring him or her to justice for their reintegration. Becuase there is a saying that works perfectly well as an example.

Crime Does Not Pay


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