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Does Historical Trauma Recalls Past Historical Memories ?

Historical trauma can be described as a kind of psychological disorder, where the individual experience the memories of his past relatives, or possibly, his or her descendants. It can even recall the memories that the relative of an individual has experienced in the past. Though it can be scientifically possible that we might carry the residue of our relatives or bloodline.

The research suggests that many of the people in the world are born with the memories of their ancestors. It is possible that we carry multiple ancestries of our past relatives or ancestors. It can happen in a way like if a person is exposed towards an object or an event, he might appear to see some flashbacks from his past, which are not connected to his.

The historical trauma can exist due to the certain ancestral history within the bloodline of the individual such as slavery, tortured memories or some unfortunate historical events. These would happen to reflect the individual’s problems with ethnicity or race in the past, which may not be very well.

This can be a rare form of psychological disorder because a few in this world can can experience the memories of their past ancestors. This can happen to remind the individual of the history that his or her past incarnations might have in the past. It may not be very common in reality, but can happen on certain exposure to an event or an object.

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2 thoughts on “Does Historical Trauma Recalls Past Historical Memories ?

  1. Yup, right on! Mass trauma causing child-like behaviour and group-think in humanity! Stand strong in your heart-essence, go to this magnificent space and drop everything else, ie trauma, guilt, shame and the big one fear! Let’s do it and fly! 🦋


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