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Can we witness some rare memories that we might not remember

We can have various kinds of memories in our lives, some we can remember and some we may not be able to remembers. But have you ever noticed a time where you end up running into the memories that you don’t know anything about or like witnessing rare memories that you really don’t know about? This can often happen to people.

I’ve witness the moments where I suddenly end up remembering something that I could hardly remember. Like a small moment that is rather forgettable. They can often appear in our minds as rare memories that does not have a point to be remembered in any cases. We may not want to remember them anymore, but they are triggered unexpectedly.

These memories cannot have a known factor or reason to resurface as these are commonly resurfaced on the unexpected periods. Like when you’re from free work or currently at work. However, we cannot stop those memories from appearing in or lives as they are often triggered for an unknown reason.

These memories can be of unknown nature as these are particularly the unwanted memories that has nothing to do with our lives moving forward. Though it does not have any explanation as to why this happen, it can probably be the cause of higher cognitive development, which can lead to our ability to remember the unnecessary memories.

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