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Freedom, A Puzzled Phenomenon

Freedom can have a lot of meanings, but not the actual one. Many would define Freedom in their own niche. Here, freedom is defined with all different terms.

Check out some of the most exciting articles on Freedom and see what it can actually mean.

Freedom of Chaos

Freedom can take a number of forms. That is, it can either be good or evil, valuable or destructive, normal or out of the box and the list goes on. We’ve seen freedom defined in different forms and explained in countless philosophies. However, most of the people would think that they are free to drive the world in chaos.

Freedom From Responsibilities

Freedom takes many forms as far as the life goes here. It could be just abut anything. However, the freedom itself does not have anything in common since it’s a kind of a made up word. Well, it can literally be said that this word can be used for any meaning in life. Apparently this can be used with the word responsibility.

Freedom of Words

Freedom is a one, weird phenomenon that does not have the accurate meaning. Some say free for a day, free from work and also, having freedom of words. What the heck ? Now people are looking for freedom where they can say any word they like. So, is this also another kind of freedom people are looking for ? Weird, pal.

Fighting For Freedom

Like I said before, freedom can take many forms. It is not some word that exists in a vocabulary or a language. It could mean anything, both good and bad. However, there is another weird thing about freedom is something that we would rather fighting for. So, is freedom worth fighting for ? This can be pretty much skeptical.

Taking Pride In Freedom

People can take pride in anything they do. It can even mean taking pride in making a place look as their expectations are. Pride can also mean being proud of what you are, what you achieved and what you are given. However, one pride that has been dominant in this world today is the pride to achieve freedom from something.

Is Freedom A Purpose ?

Freedom is a word that can have many forms throughout our lifetime. It can be seen as a reaction to something that may have made our lives difficult. It can often be an action to escape the harsh realities of life. What if the word freedom might have a purpose in this world or its just a term that describes an unusual purpose ?

Alcohol Filled Freedom

Freedom can have many forms. It can be positive or negative. It can even be cool or disgusting. Have you ever heard about a freedom called alcohol ? I bet you do. This freedom is more like being lost in a reality that departs from the real world. Yeah, this freedom is filled with a feeling that nothing has ever happened to you or have nothing to care about.


Freedom can be anything. It can be freedom from war. Freedom from imprisonment. Freedom from illness. However, there is also some freedom from hard work as well. It’s true, people would like to free themselves from doing so much work in a day and enjoy some relaxation (particularly for a very long time). Nobody wants to work hard anymore.


Freedom is of course the ability to do anything you want, anything you want to do, anything you want to be and anything you want to take. However, the same can be said for the darkness because freedom is for everyone in the darkness. Darkness is where every single dirty and unacceptable act is permitted.


Is freedom worth it ? That’s the question that pops up on my mind. Freedom is actually something that lets you do whatever you want. You have the right to do whatever you want. Actually, this is what the people think. Freedom is like something you are given and end up believing that you just surpassed that guy. Is it worth it.


As we have heard a million times, social media has helped bring the people from far together in one place. It allows people to express themselves and share their experiences with one another. But What kind of freedom does social media offers? That’s a debate.

Is Power Free For All Of Us ?

Is Power Free for all of Us? This is just another question that raise’s for the freedom. Does Power makes us free to fulfill our desires? does it turns us into a genie that gives us freedom to fulfill our wishes? Power, as believed by many people, is a something that enables us to enjoy our freedom or the will to move freely. Does power really set us free? Its just hard to tell.

Does Freedom Has It’s Benefits ?

Freedom means you are allowed to do anything without any restriction. But is it really true? Give me a break. I mean if it really means free than why it also has a bad effect? That is another theory that tangles me in a web of thoughts.

Freedom What Kind of Phenomenon Is That ?

What is freedom? What kind of phenomenon it is? What can we achieve from freedom? a simple word raises several, maybe millions of questions. When a word like freedom comes over my mind, I only imagine what does freedom means. Some say it is a way to express yourself or a way of doing things by yourself. Honestly, the word freedom is like a giant jigsaw puzzle that is hard to solve. It is the hardest jigsaw puzzle of them all.

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