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Immoral World

The world has become Immoral. It mostly includes the things that have no meaning or purpose in this world.

Embark on the journey to find out what the world is going through today and what humans are going towards now. All the Immoral world articles appear here. So, Enjoy !

Nest Of Vipers

The Immoral is often filled with the darkest, the ugliest and the most disturbing things that a human being cannot think of. It’s filled with betrayals, cruelty and selfishness. Above all, even the people a leader would trust would turn out to be the biggest threat to him. They are often described as vipers dressed up as your allies.

Wish For Death

People make many wishes about what they want or what they expect. Some wishes expect happiness and harmony. Some would expect success and brighter life. However, there are some wishes that have darker expectations. Not in a selfish manner, but because the world would push you into wishing for it without even knowing what lies ahead.

The Price To Pay

The Man does whatever it takes to get what he claims to be his. He would cross all the limits and bounds to get what he wants. Even putting those out of their misery that he cares about. He would rather make power their main purpose. However, the pursuit for power often blinds them from the true value of power.

Consumed By Greed

Greed is what makes the immoral world so much corrupted. It is what drives the man towards the madness, addiction and wrongdoings. The world right now is consumed by many darkest desires, which also includes greed. The man would long for just taking things without the consent of the others and stops at nothing.

False Gods

The world continues to grow darker as the man continues to advance in numerous fields of life. Not only does morality promotes darkness, it also promotes falsehood. Falsehood is what the man has become blind about, as it begins to adore the accomplishments it has made, unaware of the fact that whether these accomplishments are for greater good.

A Path With No Ends

We all live in a world where we are going after the immoral endeavors. Those endeavors which have no moral meaning to our existence. Just like that, we take the paths that has no end on the other side. Paths which keeps you in the boundaries that has no escape, keeping you in a loop that has no point of exit.

The Devil In All Of Us

There is a saying that we all have an angel in our right and a devil on our left. There is also a devil that lives inside all of us. Many would believe it only exist in fiction, but it exists in reality. We all have a devil inside us that tempt us to do what we don’t want to.

Hunger and Pain

The immorality has infested this world. It has turned our world into a reality extracted from our imaginations. When some says the word hunger and pain, he says that it’s the people who live on the streets without food. Those who hunger for dominance and stop at nothing, aren’t they living in hunger and causing pain to the world.

What Goes Around , Comes Around

We’re living in a world where people have immoral thoughts in their mind. Doing what they understand, without knowing what it can cost them. They have no idea what this can lead them to. Like mindless creatures, they keep on doing that until they are caught in a web from which they cannot escape. They have no idea that what goes around, comes around.

Man In The Box

We’re living in a world where people have This world has become a place where even a person is locked in his own box. The man is sometimes gets entangled in a web of thoughts where he becomes confused about the fact that where he should go or which path he should take. In this way, ends up creating a box where he is locked with the thoughts of uncertainty.

Playing For Keeps

In a world where the feeling is immoral, the game has also become just about the keeps. People nowadays gamble around to earn some easy money without even making an effort. The sports we know are just being seen as a platform for raising money rather than playing with passion and desire. The hunger for wealth has infected the meaning of game.

The Architect of his Own Destruction

The world has seemingly begin to bring itself towards the oblivion. As the man keeps on taking and betraying the ones he know, he believe that there is nobody that can perish him from his existence. But this where he’s wrong. When you betray the ones who trusted you, you end up creating a hell of your own making that not even you can escape.

The Man Who Sold The World

We’ve throughout the last generation as how the world has been consumed by immorality and damnation. It just feels like the world have just sold itself to nothingness. The Man has become so immoral that he is not even afraid of selling his soul to the damned, which in turn he sells the entire world to the race of the damned.

The Demons We Create

We’ve throughout the last generation as At every step, at every place and at every direction, darkness lurks everywhere in a world which is immoral and damned. Sometimes, we end up walking a path which terrorizes a man for the rest of his life. We end up creating the demons in our minds that are very hard for us to repel. They never let us live in peace every second of our lives.

Human Being : The Obnoxious Animal

The Human is recognized as the social animal among all the living creatures in the world. To be honest, the most obnoxious animal in the world is the human himself. Yeah, the human being have evolved to a more advanced version of himself, but he never realized where is he really moving forward.

Making Fun of Death

The world continues to become an immoral land of the spiritually damned. As it comes closer to the mist, it is blinded by the reality that it’s due to face. Instead fearing the reality of death, they instead laugh at it’s name and feel like they are not due for it at all. Yes, nobody even care what is meant by death or what it represents.

No Respect For The Voiceless

The world continues to become an I’ve always described the human beings as the most obnoxious animal of them all apart from being the social animal. A Social animal which has no respect for the other animals. Yes, I’m talking about the creatures who are voiceless, who cannot communicate like the humans do. The world continues to dominate through technological advancements and power competition, even removing the voiceless beings.

The Generation of the Forgotten

The world continues to become an I’ve always described the human beings as the most obnoxious animal of them all apart from being the social animal. A Social So many people speak of the modern generation as the generation of advancements and improvements, the generation of bringing people together in the technological way and helping the humanity evolve furthermore. In my mind, it is just the generation of the damned where there is no morality or spirituality existing in all of us.

Darker Thoughts In All of Us

There can be no human being in the world who does not possess the darker thoughts in their minds. It’s a fact, all of us carry some darker secrets and temptations in our minds and in our hearts as well. These thoughts drives us out of the reality of this world and sometimes brings us to our greatest fears and memories throughout our lives.

Once an Addiction, Always An Addiction

When I hear the word addiction, one thing pops on my mind that it is something that drives all over your head and never let it go. Addiction is something with which you are attached your whole life and cannot live without it, it can be good and it can sometimes be bad too. But when a person is addicted, he literally has no idea whether it is good or bad, it doesn’t matter ‘because it makes him feel good, it makes him feel comfortable in some way.

What’s in One Corner, It’s In Every Corner

The phrase says it all. What is happening in one corner of the world, happens in every corner of the world. It is true because when something that happens in one corner is observed and seen by many others from near and far, and when it is seen as so much attractive, the whole world will take pleasure in doing the same.

Pride Is An Abomination: An Ally of the Immoral World

The immoral world is a place where almost anything has no meaning or purpose. It sees the temptations of the people which are seen as having no purpose or value in the afterlife. When people talk about pride, it means that being proud of your act or dignity but in reality, it is nothing more than a dark temptations that allies with the immoral world.

The Immoral World: A No Man’s Land

We are living in a world where we feel like we don’t belong here. People die everyday, they appear in this world and they even disappear from this world, nothing remains here forever. But sometimes, people think this is not true, they are lost in the world so much that they forget the reality that never stay away from us. I’m talking about how immoral our world has become.

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