Consumed By Greed

Greed is what makes the immoral world so much corrupted. It is what drives the man towards the madness, addiction and wrongdoings. The world right now is consumed by many darkest desires, which also includes greed. The man would long for just taking things without the consent of the others and stops at nothing.

If a man sees something so precious, he would just live for it and it only. Even if someone says it’s not what you’re looking for, the man would still want it badly. Even if it takes to stomp everyone in the way and steal it. This is the kind of greed that is present in our world today. Something like that would tempt anyone.

Speaking of tempting, a good soul can also be tempted by the filthy shine of an object by the other. Although they know it’s not worth it, they would still take it. It just shows that greed in the immoral world corrupts those who were once considered a good soul. This just makes them weak because they don’t have the strong will to avoid it.

Greed makes a person destroy everything in its path. Corrupting those who does not long for power in any manner. A person with immense greed would often tempt the weak into worshipping what does not have any importance in this world. Is their any soul in this world left who is strong enough to let go of this greed ?

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